TechnoClass.net (TechnoClass) is designed and developed by Dextrous Automation Systems (Dextrous). Dextrous was started in the year 2012 with a vision to make education accessible to all by proper use of technology solutions. Over the years team Dextrous has developed a deep insight into the needs of students and Institutions in the country. It has also helped many Institutions adopt technology solutions in its day-to-day operations.

TechnoClass is a platform that will enable schools to digitally transform the education process (Academic and backend) by proper use of offline / online methods. TechnoClass will give the schools a competitive edge over other Institutions in providing quality education to its students. The details of TechnoClass is given in the documents section.

Tech-Academy is an academy to identify and mentor students for a career in Information and Communication Technology / Software development.

Online classroom sessions based on routine. Will also include classnotes, recorded video of class, assignment and assessment.

Question-Bank on various subjects and topics. This has tests based on all subjects / chapters (MCQ) that will help the school / student assess sterngth and weakness areas. The explanation for various questions will also be provided to the students. The marks obtained by various students can be viewed by the teacher / management / student to assess and take corrective action in weakness areas. The Techno-Bank will also help assess student's strength areas and skills for future development.

Digital Library will provide readymade digital material (notes / audio / video) on various subjects and chapters for students to study. This will help students hone their knowledge / skills and then approach the Techno-Bank for evaluation.

Remedial learning students will be able to send doubts to teacher and teacher can send back clarification on the doubt.