Privacy policy:

1. In this policy, "we","our" and "us" will refer to Dextrous Automation Systems (hereby referred to as DAS) and the platform (hereby referred to as Technoclass website / mobile application) for providing our services.

2. If you violate any terms of our policy, DAS will delete your information and close your access to Technoclass without any liability to you

3. This policy will apply to all users who access Technoclass. Any user who accesses Technoclass is agreeing to the use and processing of any personal information according to our policy.

4. This policy does not apply to any third party websites that you may access through our Technoclass platform. DAS suggests that you read the privacy policy of the third party website and follow it.

5. All information given to DAS at the time of registration will be considered as your personal information. We will use this information during the course and for future analysis of popular courses.

6. You will be responsible for ensuring that your login password is not leaked and used by others. We do not take any responsibility for the leakage of any information given by you other than what is given in our policy. Any transmission of information on the Internet is done at your risk and we shall not be responsible for any security breach that might happen due to change in security settings by you or any other person on your access device.

7. Your personal information may be shared with government or any body that is authorized to receive the same.

8. User is supposed to verify the identity of person who seeks any information posing as representative of DAS. We will not be responsible for any such misuse.

9. We cannot control theaction of other users of Technoclass platform with whom you chose to share your personal information. You will be solely responsible for such actions and repurcussions

10. DAS may update and amend this policy at any time, with or without advance notice. DAS will not be required to notify the users of any changes made to the privacy policy. Users can view the policy changes at any time through our Technoclass platform.