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About Dextrous Automation Systems (DAS): Started in the year 2012. It provides Software Services to customers in the education domain. DAS has an enviable list of cutomers in the Eastern India and is working hard to establish its presence country-wide very soon.
It has a team of professionals with wide and varied experience in designing, developing and providing quality services. The team has professionals with varied experience in all aspects of technology, implementaion and smooth running of large systems.

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405, G T Road (South)
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Phone: 8420042626

Innovative minds - creating new inroads for Institutions

TechnoClass: will make Institutions technology-enabled and help them deliver and assess student knowledge.This digital platform will help Institutions prepare for the digital revolution and meet the need-of-the-hour. The system is very user-friendly and efficient. Technoclass is a cloud-based system accessible on any device, from anywhere and at any time.

Digital Transformation Strategy: To run a digital platform that removes the barriers of space and time. The platform will enable the Institution run effectively and without any unforeseen disruptions that effect quality of education and timebound completion of course - negatively. Technoclass platform will provide any Institution the wherewithal to overcome any difficulties in performing its work and achieving its objective of quality education, cost-effectively in a time bound manner.

Technoclass E-Library System (TC E-Library)

TC E-Library

About TC E-Library: is a system that will help students / teachers access digital library material prepared by your teachers / librarian on various subjects. The system is cloud based and can be accessed on any device, from anywhere and anytime - thereby giving you ease and flexibility to study.

Learning the IN-THING from Tech-Academy:

About Tech-Academy: is an academy to identify and mentor students for a career in Information and Communication Technology / Software development. Students will be guided step-by-step on how to think and analyse logically. Their strengths and weaknesses will be identified and steps will be taken to develop their skills in the right direction. Towards the end of every course a certificate will be provided to the student giving grade, strengths, weaknesses and suggestions. Students with excellent and consistent performance in the courses will be given opportunity to work on practical projects and will also get an honorarium for their work.